Who Is Alma “Da Bawse” Keuhl?

18558861_1319963078156180_735295685171973010_oAlma comes from a long line of arm wrestling champions (both parents, as well as her grandmother, were previous champions) and started arm wrestling when she was 15 years old, but her passion for the sport only developed around the age of 18 when she was more involved with competing through school. In June 2016 Alma lost her boyfriend in an unfortunate accident and arm wrestling was what helped her push through the loss. 

Alma’s role model has always been Arnold Schwarzenegger, not just because she loves his muscles (wowza!), but because she feels she can relate to him on so many levels. Arnold, like Alma, was born and raised in a small village and pursed strength training and body building at a young age. “It takes just one person to notice someone else’s potential,” Alma said. “He made something out of himself, and I think that’s something admirable.”

Aside from Arnold, Alma’s arm wrestling competitors, the world’s best Sarah Bäckman and Heidi Cordner, are women she looks up to. Going against these two women Alma describes as the most amazing and indescribable feeling. Most competitive women, we can agree, can be a little catty, however these successful women are far from it. Alma recollects a time Heidi said to her, “Women need something.” Heidi is Alma’s perseverance to do better and strive to get more women involved.

In June of 2016 Alma lost her main partner and finance, Merv, and lost all her motivation to do anything. It was a tragic time for her, but when WAL had reached out to her a month later, she knew she had to do it. Arm wrestling is the thing that got her out of bed in the morning, got her out of the apartment during the day, and introduced her to many inspiring people. She participated in many competitions across Ontario and Quebec winning first place three times in a row, and second place in her fourth competition against a match with Heidi. “I know I can beat her. I’m still young and ambitious,” Alma chuckled. Things started looking up when she met, Chris, her current boyfriend, who supports her through her struggles and her love for this sport.

Alma Keuhl has been identified through tournament performances at World Armwrestling League (WAL) and ArmMelters as a potential future prospect to represent women in arm wrestling in Ontario and Canada. Alma had also won the 2nd place award against worlds’ greatest Heidi Cordner, at the WAL Championship in 2016. She had won both the left and right arm “Queen of the Table” award and 1st place gold for the women’s 166+ LBS at the ArmMelters Central Ontario Championship in April of this year. Being a women coming from a small town, it is a great honour for her to represent the female arm wrestlers of Ontario in these world-wide championship.



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